Subject Matter

by Grip Grand



Explicit Lyrics


You know I slay mics like I'm supposed to
They say I ain't nice? Fuck whoever you spoke to
Whatever they told you,
The Rec is on deck like a boat shoe
So don't get it twist like a corkscrew
Fuck a battle rap, I'll battle-axe you
I'll make you eat your words as fast as they can travel past your Adam's apple
Matter of fact, catch a massive fracture
A malefactor that'll smash a rapper
Flatter than a trash compactor

I'm at my peak, you couldn't hear it and front
I'm at the beach under the pier
Holdin' a beer and a blunt
We come from Cali where the livin' is tough
That's why I sit in the truck and peep the ocean while I'm splittin' a Dutch
To get my mind right
Limelight, 20/20 hindsight
Show these motherfuckers what I'd do to get a Klondike
You tryna duck a rapper
I'm screamin' "Fuck a rapper!"
I kept the same subject matter 'cuz the subject matter

I'm in the alley like a raccoon
I roll a spliff up in the back room
Listenin' to Black Moon
When you da man if you was beastin' like a baboon
But nowadays they only beef inside a chat room
It's still a hustle for the greenbacks
We out to cause a ruckus
And housin' motherfuckers more than Re/Max
Relax, spark an ellie
I'm cool as Fonzarelli
I got the ganja ready
Seven days like Makaveli

Yo, stop embarrassin' the snare and kick
You softer than a pair of tits
You're not a terrorist, you're a Sierra Mist
That's why I keep my pen on fire mode
Nobody can see me like their eyes are closed
Shinin' like a pot of gold
I should be carried on the shoulders of crowds
My rhyme is deadly like a semi when it's spoken aloud
I tell a sucker "Have a Coke and a smile"
My name is Grip,
I been a problem ever since the day I spoke as a child...


released July 30, 2011


all rights reserved


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