Now I'm Going​.​.​.​Enjoy the View

by Grip Grand

Now I'm going, will they notice that I'm even gone? In case they don't, in place of a note I'ma leave this song So they can overanalyze the shit and read it wrong Or say it isn't worth the paper that I bleed it on I'm 'bout to stick my head in the oven and leave it on Well, no, not literally My team be partyin' but you don't see me partyin' at all I got a kid to feed They figure Grip had it easy, I guess I disagreed They got me swervin like a lane change I seen my man, he said "Wassup?" I'm like "Nothin, just tryna maintain, Just tryna stay calm" He say "I hope you brought your A-game" I'm like, "Ay, mang -- I brought a A-bomb" But that was really just bravado Fuck it, the world is gonna end tomorrow or something as far as I know Everyone sucks at everything is our motto So you find me on the lawn with a shovel, filling in potholes
(free) 01:37
Snow in the streetlights Tags on the backboard The preacher on the corner says "You get what you ask for" These birds in a V flying south for the winter say "It's cold, little sinner, so you best get your passport" I got an A when I went to the blackboard But still failed at life Why the F go to class for? I just don't have (the) time to explain what's behind Every rhyme to people who don't even get what I rap for Throwin' butts in the gutter by the broken glass A joint I tuck when a fucking cop is walking past Sometimes you need a place to get away and hide to Where nobody recognize you like the Lone Ranger without the mask I'm at the record store, shit from the dollar bin Make me a mint unlike the condition I bought it in At least I hope it do I'm 'bout to dumb out and smoke a few I'm on a rooftop...enjoy the view


Explicit Lyrics


released April 6, 2012


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