Holding My Breath

by Grip Grand



Chorus (x2):
Holding my breath
Biding my time
Counting my steps
Blowing my mind/Outta my mind
Heart in my hand/Hand on my heart
Hole in my chest
Holding my breath
Holding my breath

Like “Oh, you better get
'Cuz, yo, you don't belong”
I heard it all my life
For you, I wrote this song
Chubb Rock said treat 'em right
But we were treated wrong
Hated and spit upon
It's over, this shit is on
The new era is now
My crew major in “Wow!”
The newspaper say “How
They do the impossible?”
I'm doin' the Taco Bell
Like this is nacho mic...
It's Grip, what's not to like?
You just a lotta hype
But I think you about to fall
The future is like graffiti
The writing is on the wall
I finally got the call
Ring, ring, it's like a wedding
I am concerned with how crazy shit has been getting
You outta bounds, spit 'til I'm outta rounds
Think up some extra ammo on the fly and jot it down
I got it by the pound
There's no stoppin' me now
Until the sun's the only thing on top of me I'll be...


Oh no, I've not left, and yes, I'm still here
I'm fresh like chilled air, upset like spilled beer
I guess they still fear
The end of the world's near
I entered the World's Fair
The rest of the world's scared
Because they're ill-prepared
I was killin' the snare
No one really compares
I'm much iller than their's
They all millionaires
That's all anyone cares
About or so I heard
“No doubt?”
“Yo, that's my word!”
I said when the time comes,
No twiddlin' my thumbs.
Yo, who they supply, son?
Let's tell 'em to buy some
I'm tellin' em' try some
They like “What am I, dumb?”
I'm yellin' from my lungs
"It's Hell in where-I'm-from!"
But still I'ma rise up
I'm still a survivor
I'm feelin' the fire
I'm willin' to die-uh
Not READY to die, though
I already can fly so
Just get me the title
And check me as I explode



released October 9, 2010
Produced by Grip Grand


all rights reserved


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