Conservation of Matter

by Grip Grand



Cover Image:
"Untitled" -- Cheryl Cotman, pencil on paper, 2009


Energy can neither be created nor destroyed
Matter can neither be created nor destroyed
Every atom in my body goes back to the Big Bang
So rap is no big thang, I was created in the void
A live atomic bomb that was made to made to be deployed
On an unsuspecting populace so they can feel the noise
That I bring like Public Enemy
Split ‘em all in two like my identity
I go on and on like I’m infinity
Ain’t that the motherfuckin’ understatement of the century
Surrounded by these suckers like I was a sea anemone
And I don’t see a remedy
Someone call a doctor
What you call a prophet is what some would call imposters
What I call a profit is what some would call a pocket full of dollars
But I don’t think it’s all about that, either
It’s all about how haters tried to say “Don’t even bother”
Like the rhyme would write itself, as if my lines don’t need an author
I beg to differ
While you're begging to be different, I am
But any man could fade away to insignificance
The shit is straight ridiculous
Life on Earth as usual
Negotiate my contract for the right of first refusal
Sayin’ “Yo, please stop, ‘cuz I want you all to live”
Never thought it was beneath me like the water to a bridge
And the hourglass is faster than the water through a sieve
Grip is positive like Ed O., be a father to your kids
They made me cut it short and now the song is too abridged
I intended to spit it in real time, the speed of life
I’m a human amplifier, I don’t even need a mic
All I do is take ‘em higher like, hold up, I need a light
I can’t wait to get my hands on the message like braille
They suggest it might fail, which I guess it might
“Well, there’s no place that I would rather be less, it’s like Hell,” I was thinking as the moon rose and the night fell…


released August 3, 2010
Written, Produced, and Performed by Grip Grand


all rights reserved


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