by Grip Grand

Verse 1: Onward, upward, forward, toward The number one spot on the board They never once got on the board I'm always on top like the Lord I always rhyme sharp like a sword That's a lame line, but at the same time I'm overheatin' like a car on the Grapevine I beat your fuckin' style up That's a hate crime Who said I cain't shine? I'm a diamond in the dark, see me sparklin'? We stood out like footprints on your carpetin'] Not no Parkay, not no margarine Strictly butter, y'all So give thanks, get some yams and a Butterball You know you gotta go in, like your mother called I can't take this shit, I'm on another call Chorus: And it's so champainful It make you wanna pop tops, let their brains blow They say “Grip, why you kick such a strange flow?” I can do anything, bitch, Reading Rainbow I can do anything I can do anything I can do anything That's why my trophy box got so many rings Verse 2: This ain't a posse cut, this ain't a posi-cut This some “I feel like I could prob'ly beat Rocky up!” Dead the beat, tell 'em “Chop another body up” I'm 'bout to slap this motherfucker like a hockey puck You say the future is yours? Well now's ou-r time Who gotta buzz in the street like downed power lines? But while you up in the street, I'm in my California lab Tryna get that West bank like I'm Palestine – If the apocalypse arrives soon It's gonna be a showdown like it was high noon I'm finna kick my shoes off like this is my room Oh, you a tycoon? Well, I'm a typhoon! I am a tidal wave Rain brimstone and fire like the final days This is the final stage I'm the beginning and the end Like the last two words on the final page Chorus: And it's so champainful It make you wanna pop tops, let their brains blow They say “Grip, why you kick such a strange flow?” I can do anything, bitch, Reading Rainbow I can do anything I can do anything I can do anything That's why my trophy box got so many rings And it's so champainful It make you wanna pop tops, let their brains blow They say “Grip, why you kick such a strange flow?” I can do anything, bitch, Reading Rainbow I can do anything I can do anything I can do anything And where I'm from, the fat lady, she never sings
Chorus (x2): Holding my breath Biding my time Counting my steps Blowing my mind/Outta my mind Heart in my hand/Hand on my heart Hole in my chest Holding my breath Holding my breath Like “Oh, you better get 'Cuz, yo, you don't belong” I heard it all my life For you, I wrote this song Chubb Rock said treat 'em right But we were treated wrong Hated and spit upon It's over, this shit is on The new era is now My crew major in “Wow!” The newspaper say “How They do the impossible?” I'm doin' the Taco Bell Like this is nacho mic... It's Grip, what's not to like? You just a lotta hype But I think you about to fall The future is like graffiti The writing is on the wall I finally got the call Ring, ring, it's like a wedding I am concerned with how crazy shit has been getting You outta bounds, spit 'til I'm outta rounds Think up some extra ammo on the fly and jot it down I got it by the pound There's no stoppin' me now Until the sun's the only thing on top of me I'll be... Chorus Oh no, I've not left, and yes, I'm still here I'm fresh like chilled air, upset like spilled beer I guess they still fear The end of the world's near I entered the World's Fair The rest of the world's scared Because they're ill-prepared I was killin' the snare No one really compares I'm much iller than their's They all millionaires That's all anyone cares About or so I heard “No doubt?” “Yo, that's my word!” I said when the time comes, No twiddlin' my thumbs. Yo, who they supply, son? Let's tell 'em to buy some I'm tellin' em' try some They like “What am I, dumb?” I'm yellin' from my lungs "It's Hell in where-I'm-from!" But still I'ma rise up I'm still a survivor I'm feelin' the fire I'm willin' to die-uh Not READY to die, though I already can fly so Just get me the title And check me as I explode Chorus
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed Matter can neither be created nor destroyed Every atom in my body goes back to the Big Bang So rap is no big thang, I was created in the void A live atomic bomb that was made to made to be deployed On an unsuspecting populace so they can feel the noise That I bring like Public Enemy Split ‘em all in two like my identity I go on and on like I’m infinity Ain’t that the motherfuckin’ understatement of the century Surrounded by these suckers like I was a sea anemone And I don’t see a remedy Someone call a doctor What you call a prophet is what some would call imposters What I call a profit is what some would call a pocket full of dollars But I don’t think it’s all about that, either It’s all about how haters tried to say “Don’t even bother” Like the rhyme would write itself, as if my lines don’t need an author I beg to differ While you're begging to be different, I am But any man could fade away to insignificance The shit is straight ridiculous Life on Earth as usual Negotiate my contract for the right of first refusal Sayin’ “Yo, please stop, ‘cuz I want you all to live” Never thought it was beneath me like the water to a bridge And the hourglass is faster than the water through a sieve Grip is positive like Ed O., be a father to your kids They made me cut it short and now the song is too abridged I intended to spit it in real time, the speed of life I’m a human amplifier, I don’t even need a mic All I do is take ‘em higher like, hold up, I need a light I can’t wait to get my hands on the message like braille They suggest it might fail, which I guess it might “Well, there’s no place that I would rather be less, it’s like Hell,” I was thinking as the moon rose and the night fell…
Rain, rain, go away Come again another day Rain, rain, go away, go away Verse 1: I heard you been singin' "Rain, rain, go away" Wishin' you could make the pain, pain go away You need a llittle more time like Morris Day And your life was the bomb, now you're blown away And you can't make a dime on a dollar disc Goin' dumb so you can't get a scholarship When you're young, it's all good, life ahead of you 'Til you started thinkin' "Man, I would like a better view A house with a wetter pool..." But as it turns out, you were burnt out by the game So your life is ice cold (which is never cool) And the old wind blows, and the snow and the rain Make it hard to see the sunlight ahead of you And you admitted to yourself that your self didn't do a good job That's the end of the interview You want to make a mark at the start At the end, you just hope they remember you Chorus: And you grieve, and you grow And you hope, and you pray And you see that tomorrow is not like today Did you bleed when you broke? Now you're breaking away, 'Cuz you see that tomorrow Became yesterday Yesterday Verse 2: I heard you been singin' "Rain, rain, go away" Wishin' you could make the pain, pain go away Maybe you been wastin' time like Otis say Don't it make you wanna shout like Otis Day? In the Animal House or the lion's den Where they're swingin' those bows like a violin They look tired like they're close to retirement Peer pressure, man, everyone's tryin' it I hear pressure can even make di-a-monds Out of coal -- hold up, lemme find some then Because I feel like I'm carryin' the world's weight Sick of herbs treatin' me like I'm third rate I tried to make a good impression like a first date For some reason, that was one thing I could never do You don't get a second chance, man You gotta make a mark from the start At the end you just hope they remember you...
Have you ever seen a man fly? I don't mean jump off a cliff and die, I mean really soar And the day you say "I don't know" Then you have the answer And that's what the question is really for I told 'em I was up lifting my pen all night Trying to get all right with a higher cause But it costs high to live nowadays So the kids say "My hero is a gun" like Diana Ross But I'm trying to find a right path Maybe something like that Really don't exist in this day and time Keep it rollin' like a bike path Wonder where my life's at Am I gonna miss when I say a rhyme? Really, anything you might ask I already typed that, sent it upstairs to the CEO So tired of bein' typecast Put me in a bag, and they carry me around like C3PO I told 'em "I am not a puppet" But the higher-ups get upset When you try to be yourself Hip-hop's gonna eat itself Only 'cuz it had to turn to a cannibal now To feed itself And one day the real world will reveal itself All praise to the most high due in haiku I wrote down tha paragraph Broke down the very last Barrier to true understanding like the mind do Millions of times every second, I remind you Life's only short when you measure in years 'Cuz the heart-broken man can't wait for the day to end You live forever when it's measured in tears It's not magic, it's math shit Like when I put my hand on the keyboard And, onscreen, a letter appears The whole world is a dice game, Physics and odds, A mirage in the distance that never appears Damn Have you ever seen a man cry Out in the night 'cuz he can't get right with the universe? Life tried to write you a verse But it flew south So you threw it all out for a newer verse I assume the worst, hope for the best And I play my cards close to the vest, or I lose a turn Never knew my words spoke to the rest 'til it's too late "Don't rub it in like it's lubriderm" I'm not too concerned The world's gon' end any day Might as well break it down, like, do the worm I take it back to the start Like the stars and the sun Freak the Captain Sky drum beat from "Super Sperm" Once again, from the top to the drop IN the bottom of the well Is it Hell? Ask Lucifer God knows where the green grass grows But the man throwing lightning bolts? That's Jupiter That's Jupiter... The world's gon' end any day Might as well break it down, like, do the worm I take it back to the start Like the stars and the sun Freak the Captain Sky drum beat from "Super Sperm" Is it Hell? Ask Lucifer, Zeus-slash-Jupiter, Pick a god, any god, It's all one Grip Grand pray for the future of the whole human race In a tape, then escape when the song's done...
I think I want a new drug like I’m Huey or I need a cool G rap on some Truly Yours They said it’s no strings attached But the fact is, it’s all strings The shit has more strings than a movie score It kind of threw me for a loop like a lariat They givin’ me the run around like a chariot And I been starin’ at the shit so long it was like “If you love it that much, you should marry it” You could bury it away but it never takes You could rearrange the pain into several shapes It’s a fist, it’s a gun, it’s a song, it’s a start It’s insurance on your heart if it ever breaks And may God strike me down if I’m ever fake Maybe she already did and I’ll never wake I think it’s some kind of dream Because sometimes it seems Like I’m tryna take a shot I could never make And yesterday’s like a promise I didn’t keep And I been workin’ on a song but it’s incomplete And when they put me on a different beat That won’t be the reason that I tell ‘em “Life is free, but it isn’t cheap” No matter what they say, don’t ever admit defeat I’m like a rain storm, I make a big splash when I hit the street And make ‘em all dance in the heat Or, like, lamp in a B-Boy stance at the least Domination of the game, I may never see Complications of a way I may never be Maybe destiny has other plans But, under the circumstance, I don’t even know what a success would be I can’t call it, I’m not the best referee I had to do it all myself out of necessity And when I drop it like the Extra P I tell ‘em buy the album But you seldom buy the album you can get for free So it’s a brave new world to maneuver and I can’t party and bullshit like "Who’s the Man" And even when they say you da man You still gotta go into the booth and Transform into Superman Verbal astronomer, discover new bars In the galaxy of stars on the verge of Andromeda Word to Bambaataa, I’ma scientist, rap scholar tryin’ shit Y’all have never heard in that genre And everything is one thing, like the solar system I think I need a new order like Joy Division Boy, I listened to them other folks ‘til it went up in smoke Nowadays I only trust my own opinion Won’t it hit ‘em in the heart when the movement died? Ask Jesus, it hurts bein’ crucified But when the time had come to decide Who killed the music The coroner ruled it a suicide
I was starin' at a photogram, hologram, holograph Tryna see the future inside the past Like the truth was behind a mask And you couldn't recognize 'Til it snuck up right behind ya' ass It's my time at last Thank you, and now for my final act I could make the whole world disappear Turn the lights down low, eyes closed I roll up a...listen here Stevie Wonder say plants have a secret life It ain't safe now to dance in the streets at night So every day I say a prayer that I have my own share Three squares, and a warm place to sleep at night As long as he could write poems like "Holmes, that shit that Grip type go like the speed of light!" He gon' be alright, he gon' be alright I get throwed like darts when I'm near the mic And I cause bright sparks when I'm near the mic I'm a match in a haystack, let it blaze I came back with a book by God called "How to Build the Heavens and the Earth in Just Seven Days" It's like I'm in a cave I can't call it, reception is terrible It's no signal out? I suggest you think about The fact you're even here is nothing less than a miracle The shit is less than hysterical More gettin' money means less gettin' lyrical? I been blessin' your stereo I been fresh since Scenario My man said “What you cookin' with that?” I say the same shit as always, “I'm cookin' this crack” I don't even need to put a fuckin' hook on this track Grip's the future, motherfucker, take a look at his back 'Cuz I'm ahead of all you rappers by a couple of laps So lemme give 'em all a couple of facts... One, I am the one-man apocalypse Lookin' at the top like I'm gon' stand on top of it Two, it's only two things that I know That's how to rhyme and go dumb like a sideshow You outta line tryna run shit on my flow I spit fire like my tongue is a pyro You get fired, like, it's done, this is my show No more excuses, Everybody's like “Grip, you're so reclusive” Flow so exclusive Y'all pussies stink 'cuz you don't ever do shit Me, on the other hand, write it, perform it, record it, produce it That's like four different hats Plus I wrote enough rhymes for like four different raps Picture that, I just said a thousand words, where's your picture at? We know the flow is outrageous Me and my flow is us Chorus: I don't know who told you we stopped but I will say “Hello” from on top I jump back up and dust myself off, I jump back up and dust myself off... Verse 2: Workin' overtime Workin' holidays Friday, Saturday, Sunday, all them days I been on the grind Never got no raise Except when I was in the sun like I got no shades But lemme not complain Like all these rappers with that “Something has got 'ta change” I tell 'em "Change your life then. First thing you should do is to trade your mics in." Stevie Wonder say the writin' is on the wall I couldn't see it 'cuz the light isn't on at all It's goin' down like a waterfall, but I'm up a creek with no paddle, man That's so ironical... Maybe that's why the song is called “Pick Me Up” This ain't a pick-me-up, not at all! This is real shit to think about when life takes an Unexpected turn like a whip with the blinker out Grip Grand is my byline You ever see the skyline and think “It's my time”? You ever see my stash spot, you think it's High Times You ever see how I shine, you think “Now I'm blind!” I'm 'bout to play the game sideways Got my old shit on your wall like a Friday's Got my new shit that you ripped off of Facebook and Myspace Buzzin' like a pager on vibrate I tell a hater go migrate Fly south, bitches Ride out, bitches You say you nicer than Grip? Well I doubt bitches 'Cuz you lie, but the truth come out MY mouth This is...some new new new for your betterment Each word I said I meant, deep like the sediment Deep like I'm Reverend Run when I speak, I go dumb when I speak Like a spuh-speech impediment Pardon my insensitivity, punk sensibility One-cent soliloquy... Who the best? Yo, the suspense is killing me I told the crowd “Put your hands up if you feelin' me” Keep your hands up to the ceiling, we 'Bout to go stadium Stat with a flow that glow, rap uranium Throwback to Kane and them I put a hole in your cranium Chorus


Explicit Lyrics


released June 1, 2012

Written and produced by Grip Grand. Additional production by Seprock.


all rights reserved


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